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While getting your car shipped it is very important to know the knick knacks and the nuts and bolts of Auto transport. Considering that you would have taken extra care in going through the quote and fixing the deal. What is the next step that you have to do? It is scheduling the car for getting transported. You might think that all you have to do is just drop your car at a pick up location. However proper planning is essential in every step of the process. First of all plan the shipping in such a way that you have at least a month or four weeks to get the best deal. Make sure all the insurance papers and plans are in place and you are satisfied with them. If it is a door to door service the driver takes a condition report of the car where he checks for scratches or any possible damages on the car and gives a condition report. Even while delivering the shipping company will follow the same process. Make sure that there are no columns left unfilled in the form and everything is as you see.

In the car boot the items like spare car tires and car jack should be tied down before the Auto transport scheduled time. Also include in your shipping that if you are not available for pick up then storage should be arranged for you car even though you have to pay for it. Make sure you take this option because in case you don€™t have to sue storage then you do not have to pay anything. But for some reason if you are unable to pick up then you would need storage and if you did not plan for it, then it may not be available. Any Auto transport company would have different shipping rates with them and there will be definitely something that suits your budget. Once you have chosen the shipping company then make sure that things like date of departure, the type of car, the kind of transport service is all clearly and correctly mentioned.

When you fix up with your Auto transport company always make sure that the pick up and drop off dates are clearly mentioned. Make sure the insurance covers everything like damages, theft and any other necessary things. Check if the validity dates are correct. However keep in mind that if you had left any personal belongings in the car no insurance plan will cover those in case they are stolen. You have to give an empty car absolutely to the shipping company. Finally check if the shipping company has a federal insurance to ship and they have the right permissions. This is essential because if they are operating without an authorization then even if you have insurance they may not cover because you did not choose the right Auto transport company. The shipping company always follows a step by step process and you should also do the same.

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To get free car transport quotes from reliable auto transport companies, please fill out the short form provided on out website. The best automobile transportation companies will compete with each other for your order. This offer is free and there is no commitment involved.

Enclosed Carrier Quote

If you have an expensive auto you can opt to transport it in an enclosed truck, which will cost you more than moving it in an open truck.

Expedited Service Quote

If you need to move your vehicle quickly or if need to guarantee the delivery date, then select a car moving company that offers an expedited service. The typical charge is $200 extra.

Useful Auto Transport tips:

Make sure that your car is in a running condition when it is picked up by the car shipping moving service. Examine it for dents, scratches, and other deterioration and take some pictures if possible. You will receive an inspection report that will mention the condition of your car, current mileage, and delivery information. Check the inspection report to see if it gives an accurate description of the condition of your vehicle.

 Some car transport services use satellite tracking to monitor their trucks. You can log on to the website of the auto transport company to get the latest information about the progress of the truck carrying your vehicle. 

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